Meet The Author/Book Signing

The pen and ink artwork of A. K. Harrison Designs reaches back to when Florida was a little more laid back and quiet.

Anne is a mixed medium artist working with charcoal, pencil, colored pencils, and water colors. She likes to tell stories with her illustrations which made her the perfect match when Ray Hazel was searching for an illustrator for his book, Sparky the Legend, published in late 2018.

Sparky the Legend

Meet The Illustrator, Anne K. Harrison

Excerpt from Sparky the Legend

Sparky the Legend, Ray Hazel, 2018​ 

Rain always accents the many hues of the rainbows in the soft maples this time of year. I've always love the Fall. It's time to harvest the fruits of the labor of love. I like to think harvest season is the time to reap the rewards in life, to look forward expecting and working toward bigger and better dreams for the future. When someone lives off the land and values its potential the way farmers do it sends a message. Farmers are positive thinkers and don't dwell on the negative. They keep a deep faith in themselves and learn from their experience. 

I'm admiring a large butternut tree that looks strangely out of place in the sugar bush. It stands out, surrounded by all the maples. That tree was planted over 150 years ago. According to Ray, his Uncle Lee planted just one butternut he found across town when he was just a kid. It germinated quickly. That started his uncle planting trees not normally found on Skunk Ridge along the Dusty Trail. 

A unique novel by author, Ray Hazel:

Sparky the Legend

This novel paints a portrait in courage and love between a dog and a young girl. A true story based on the events I've witnessed and lived personally.

The story reveals the unique power of unconditional love between a special gifted runt of the litter named Sparky, and a young, overly creative, sensitive preteen girl named Autumn. Their unconditional love is facing a life and death crises physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Book Author