A unique trilogy by author, Ray Hazel:

The Dusty Trail, The Lost Legacies, and Redemption on Skunk Ridge

(released in that order) are based on one man's search and struggle for purpose, identity and an unwavering quest to achieve inner peace. Loves, losses, and internal battles that challenged him during his life are shared as he desperately strives to remain true to himself at all costs. A simple man's character is molded by nature. His belief in the mystery of creation influences his family, friends and everyone he touched along the way in his journey down the path least traveled. His constant quest for answers in life is captured in all three novels, and readers can relate because we've all experienced similar struggles in our own lives. 

Excerpts from The Trilogy

A Word About The Trilogy

The Dusty Trail, Ray Hazel, 2015

Reaching the base of this old oak my Uncle looked around at the ground and paced off 6 long paces and he stopped. He started kicking leaves and dirt about three inches deep and with some relief and happiness obvious on his face, he asked me to help him kick away the dirt and leaves. While helping Uncle I was shocked to find a flat stone approximately four-foot square. He took his gloves and started brushing off the remaining dirt and leaves. I helped and soon the explanation for this effort appeared and I sat down in amazement...

Book Author

Redemption on Skunk Ridge, Ray Hazel, 2017

Sitting enjoying the experience of being alone without feeling lonely was refreshingly peaceful. I took out a sketch pad and a number four pencil I carried in my backpack. Feelings from within were expressed by my hands. My fingers captured on paper what my eyes and emotions were seeing and feeling. It's difficult to describe how my hands capture the essence of who I really am. All my life, when I strayed from nature and my creative needs I invariably lost sight of what truly mattered most in life...

The Lost Legacies, Ray Hazel, 2016

Reaching for my camera, it suddenly dawned on me that I had not even bothered to put it in the canoe. Slowly turning the canoe in the direction of camp, I couldn't help but think back to the days when my camera was never more than an arm's length away making it possible to record and capture such events on film. Walking back up the small hill to the campsite, my eye caught a blossom and when I bent down to gain a better view, it surprised me to find that this one single bloom was but one flower attached to a vine that gave nourishment of life to several other blossoms as it wove its way across the forest floor...