This story captures a young boy's childhood during the post war years of the 1950's.

The inspiration to pen the loves and losses in that experience evolved from phone calls with my grandchildren. The illustrations came alive with the help of my fourteen-year-old granddaughter, Sophie Reynolds.

It is written "tongue-in-cheek", capturing the friendships woven into a unique neighborhood filled with innocence. The foundation of special friendships, young and old, flourished naturally. It paints a portrait that reveals the strength of the neighborhood's diversity that was built on the solid foundation of love and laughter which asked for understanding. The art of forgiveness always came with compassion and ended with a hug and a warm smile.

The Diary of Macy Allen, 2021

Excerpts from The Trilogy:

A Word About The Books

Sparky the Legend, 2018

A New novel by author Ray Hazel: 

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The Trilogy: The Dusty Trail, The Lost Legacies, and Redemption on Skunk Ridge, 2015-2017

Be prepared to fall in love with a young girl from Ireland named Macy. Ray Hazel gently weaves Macy’s journey as she leaves her home in Ireland.

Macy travels to a new world in the steerage of an old ship landing at the foot of the Statue of Liberty in America. From there, the journey takes her from the slums of Hell’s Kitchen in New York City to passageway on an Orphan Train heading west to a small town in the Midwest called Washington, Iowa. 

Macy’s diary and writings capture history which remains with us today. It will remind you of the sacrifices, hopes and dreams held within a promise held by Lady Liberty. It honors the memory of the voices of all of our ancestors; the relevance of which should be treasured and preserved. The story will remain with you forever...

A unique trilogy by author, Ray Hazel:

The Dusty Trail, The Lost Legacies, and Redemption on Skunk Ridge

(released in that order) are based on one man's search and struggle for purpose, identity and an unwavering quest to achieve inner peace. Loves, losses, and internal battles that challenged him during his life are shared as he desperately strives to remain true to himself at all costs. A simple man's character is molded by nature. His belief in the mystery of creation influences his family, friends and everyone he touched along the way in his journey down the path least traveled. His constant quest for answers in life is captured in all three novels, and readers can relate because we've all experienced similar struggles in our own lives. 

A New novel by author Ray Hazel: 

A Neighborhood in the Middle of Nowhere, 2021

A unique novel by author, Ray Hazel
This novel paints a portrait in courage and love between a dog and a young girl. A true story based on the events I've witnessed and lived personally. 

The story reveals the unique power of unconditional love between a special gifted runt of the litter named Sparky, and a young, overly creative, sensitive preteen girl named Autumn. 

Their unconditional love is facing a life and death crises physically, emotionally and spiritually.